Bewdley Town Council

Committees & Advisory Groups
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Committees / Working Groups
Planning Committee
Councillors Candlin, Coleman, Cox, Davies, Edginton, Foulkes, C Gittins, P Gittins, Greener & Latham
Staffing Committee
Councillors Candlin, Davies, Edginton, P Gittins & Killingworth
Finance / Budget Working Group
Councillors Adams, Davies, Edgington, Foulkes & Killingworth
Civic Awards Working Group
Councillors Adams, Candlin, C Gittins, P Gittins & Latham
Councillor Responsibilities
Councillor Killingworth and Phillips
Elderly & Disabled
Councillors C Gittins & P Gittins
Law & Order
Councillors P Gittins and Candlin
War Memorials
Councillors Candlin, C Gittins & P Gittins