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Leslie N July 2013

My daughter and I are looking to relocate to Bewdley or the surrounding area as soon as possible and were wondering if anyone knew of any properties that are available to rent. We are both over 25 and non smokers and fully respect other peoples properties and surrounding neighbours. We would like somewhere that we can call "home" Ideally we would like somewhere that has parking and if possible, some outside space but that is not essential. If anyone knows of anything that might be suitable, then please get in touch.
Thank you

Ben Ife August 2012

Bewdley Town Council,

I was most concerned to see the extent of the ‘Angel Wing’ problem amongst the wildfowl along the riverside in the town centre the other day whilst out walking. I spoke with the receptionist at Riverside Vets who explained that the problem stems from poor nutrition due to overfeeding with chips and bread. As a resident I am aware that bird-friendly seed is available from many of the shops in the town but for tourists this may not be the case. It occurred to me that a possible way to not only help keep our birds healthy but to provide a source of income for the town would be to install feed dispensers similar to those used to purchase animal feed at West Midlands Safari Park. For a small charge the mechanism dispenses a set amount of feed. If several of these were available along the river it would be easy and convenient for anyone enjoying the riverside to feed the birds with more nutritious food.

I thought I would suggest this to you as a possible solution for your consideration as I am sure you are equally as concerned about the health of our wildlife.

Yours Faithfully,

Ben Ife.


With reference to Bens idea of dispensers for swan food I think it is a good idea. Some time ago a lady wrote to the town council suggesting that signs were posted asking people not to feed the ducks and swans as it attracted pigeons, gulls and rats. More recently a gentleman asked us to help pay for the special food he gives them. I believe it was corn and I am aware of others who regulary feed them corn. Signs have been posted along the river side with instructions on what to feed them. Whatever we do I am sure that the majority of tourists will still feed them along with the Pigeons and Gulls white bread and chips!

cllr Paul Gittins

Andy Martin November 2011

Hello to you,

During the late 60's and early 70's I lived in Lakes Road, Bewdley.

One of my old friends was named Peter and his father was the then Mayor of Bewdley. I know that Peter is now a Policeman and works in the Telford area and I would like to contact him but have forgotten his surname.

If you could let me know who the Mayors of Bewdley were from 1964 to 1975 then I'd definitely recognise the surname. Another friend of mine at the time was Chris Hart, who's family were the town's undertakers! I attended Harry Cheshire school in Habberly Road, Kidderminster at that time.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give,

- Andy Martin


The Mayors name was Harold Simmonds.

cllr Paul Gittins

Andy Frazier July 2011

Beales Corner by Andy Frazier
Andy Frazier is a children's author now based in France. Born into a farming family in the village of Rock, he has grown up around the town of Bewdley (although by his own admission, he has never grown up at all) and has some fond memories of the area. His father, John Frazier, was in the Bewdley home guard during wartime. Some tragic family problems required Andy to live locally to Bewdley during last winter so he used his time wisely by setting one of his children's novels in the town.

Called BEALES CORNER, the novel tells the story of a retired old man wishing to collate his stories of wartime Bewdley into a book. He details the task to Tom, his reluctant grandson, who is staying with him at his cottage on Beales Corner. The wartime tales include the arrival of French soldiers in the town, bombing raids from German aircraft, steam trains and rowing boats as well as hard winters and floods. Tom is reluctant to hear the stories at first and is quite happy just spending his short holiday in Bewdley having adventures of his own. However, as the old man's tales unfold, strange similarities combine the old and the new. Tom starts to see things around the town that he cannot explain and, bit by bit, the two stories weave into each other until they eventually collide in a very exciting climax.

Although aimed at a younger audience, this book is not only informative about local places and events but its story has also been known to bring a tear to some quite hardened adult readers too.

Beales Corner is available from Bewdley Tourist Information Centre or online from
Published by Lulu Press

Enquiries to Andy Frazier
Tel: 0131 208 4298

Amie August 2008

Room needed

Im moving to Bewdley soon as I have found a new job and am looking for a room to rent, house/flat to share....any help or info would be much appreciated.

Mark Hanson April 2007

Seeking Friend

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Hannah (Chadwick) from Bewdley?
She was on placement at Pershore college in 1991 and would be about 32-33 years old now. Any info would be greatly appreciated as it would be great to catch up with her again.

Mark, Liverpool

Stephen Williams April 2007

We are holding a fund raising Car Boot Sale at The Duke William Public House, Callow Hill, nr. Bewdley on May 13th 2007. Boots set up from 10:00am with the gates opening to the public at 10:30am.

All proceeds will go to the running and upkeep of Far Forest Scout and Guide HQ.

Stephen Williams
Group Scout Leader

Jane Robinson April 2006

My son Tommy and his friend Jamie, both aged 22 and both ex Bewdley High School pupils, are representing SENSE, the charity for deaf and blind children, in the London Marathon this year. We wondered if the residents of Bewdley may be willing to make a donation towards this worthy cause. They have chosen to support SENSE because a good friend of theirs, who also attended Bewdley High School, now works for this charity in London. Each of them has been set a fundraising target of £1,400 each which is rather a large sum and Tommy has so far raised about £500. Not bad, but still has some way to go!

An article on the two of them should (fingers crossed!) be in this week's Kidderminster Shuttle so we will hopefully raise some funds that way and we are also writing to local firms asking for their support.

If you feel you would like to make a contribution please could you make your cheque payable to 'SENSE' and post it to:-

Mr T Robinson, 13 Kidderminster Road, Bewdley, Worcestershire DY12 1AQ.

Tommy and Jamie would be very grateful for any help you can give!

Many thanks

Jane Robinson
Tel: (01299) 403161

Suzy Laidlaw   March 2006
Message - suggestions for the site

For those of us not familiar with the area - a location map would have been good to have.

Suzy Laidlaw
Thanks for the suggestion - we have now included a link to Multimap on the Bewdley Board so that visitors who do not know where Bewdley is can call up the map and use the zoom-out function to help them identify where Bewdley is in relation to themselves.
Webmaster of Bewdley Town Web Site

John Mahoney March 2006

Trying find the whereabouts or any information on Pat (nee) Evans. Pat's family home was in Albert St. Kidderminster, Worcestershire - she lived there during the late 1950's and early 1960's. Pat was the only child of Bill and Mary (nee Gwilliam). Pat was a ladies hairdresser by occupation and during early 1960's worked in an upstairs salon at the junction of Blackwell and Coventry St's, in Kidderminster.
Pat did marry, however her married name is unknown. Currently, she would be approx. 60 years old. Any information, however small would be most welcome.

John Mahoney

Robin Crawford Febuary 2006

My wife and I are in our retirement years and I am disabled. Can you let us know which is the closest disabled parking to the town centre as we would like to visit your town in March of this year.
Thank you

Karen Phillips   January 2006

I visited your lovely town Bewdley last year and was thrilled to find the web site with your virtual walk and could show my family where I went.

Jayne Fleet January 2006

I was looking at your site over Christmas and was wondering if you had any photographs of the town with the Christmas lights.