All Saints' Church

Kidderminster Road,
All Saints' Church was built in 1878 on land given by Mr. Walter Chamberlain Hemming of Spring Grove, now the West Midlands Safari Park. With it, he gave the surrounding land, which had been used, as a burial ground for the people of Wribbenhall since 1866. It replaced the old Christ Church, which dated from 1701.

The people of Wribbenhall needed a new church because Christ Church was built on land which had been bought in 1728 by the then Lord Foley and in 1750, after a row with the parishioners about who should hold the keys he had one door padlocked and another walled up. He claimed it was private property and he could do as he liked. The matter was referred to the Attorney General and he ruled in favour of the parishioners. The church continued to be used but it, and the surrounding grounds, were not consecrated until 1841. With the building of the new church it was pulled down and the font moved to its new home.

The consecration of All Saints' took place on the Eve of All Saints in 1879. Visitors will feel an immediate sense of warmth and welcome from the glorious stained glass windows of various saints and Bible scenes. We have a vision of All Saints' being a lively vibrant Church family, which follows the traditional form of Anglican worship.

GOD loves us all, not just some of us
HIS love is ongoing even if we do not always respond
There are times and occasions when we forget
HE does not
The Church is here for you, always.


1st Sunday of each month
8.00am Holy Communion: 9.30am Parish Worship: 6.30pm Evensong (4.30pm in winter)

2nd Sunday of each month
9.30am Parish Worship

3rd Sunday of each month
8.00am Holy Communion: 9.30am Parish Worship

4th/5th Sunday of each month
9.30am Parish Worship

Every Wednesday
9.30am Holy Communion

We have a Sunday School for children in the Parish Room during the 9.30am services. The Church is open every Saturday morning from 9.30am to 10.15am, for those wishing to discuss weddings, baptisms, blessings or any other business.